Why Cardinal Wuerl Will Not Deny Communion to Anyone

Flashback: Why Cardinal Wuerl Will Not Deny Communion to Nancy Pelosi or Basically Anyone
Mar 1, 2012

Recently a priest in the diocese of Washington (DC) denied a lesbian communion, and the diocese released a public letter apologizing to her. It has left many wondering if any person at all is barred from Holy Communion when they are under the pastoral hand of Cardinal Wuerl. The answer is lies in the Cardinal’s – then Archbishop – words regarding Nancy Pelosi and communion.

Bishop Wuerl said he disagreed with refraining from giving communion to manifestly pro-abortion politicians:

“We never – the Church just didn’t use Communion this way. It wasn’t a part of the way we do things, and it wasn’t a way we convinced Catholic politicians to appropriate the faith and live it and apply it; the challenge has always been to convince people.’’ On the other hand, sanctioning Catholics tends to alienate them, he said.

Wuerl said he will make no effort to keep Speaker Pelosi from receiving Communion, saying first “there’s a question about whether this canon [915] was ever intended to be used’’ to correct Catholics in grave error.


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If he is going to be like this then excommunicate Cardinal Wuerl...or send him someplace else... like Saipan or Guam. These are just suggestions...
This is why I will never read his recent book on the Blessed Sacrament. How can he really believe in the true Presence if he is unwilling to protect it from Sacrilege?
These clergy should consider their position, if they do not believe then leave. They will be welcomed back with joy when penitent. Just like the rest of us.
Someone needs to grow a pair!