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Even Liberals Admit: Francis Says One Thing, Does Another

Father Thomas Reese S.J., 73, is "extremely disappointed" by Pope Francis’ Monday instruction telling the U.S. bishops’ conference to delay a vote concerning procedures to sanction clerical abuses.

Writing in the dissenting (November 16), Reese called this a "public-relation disaster" for Francis.

According to Reese, this intervention “contradicts everything Francis has said about empowering bishops' conferences and decentralising decision-making in the Church.”

Picture: © Mazur/ CC BY-NC-SA, #newsYdedzfhwtm
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Cardinal Manning on the suppression of the Jesuits: “The work of 1773 was the work of God: and there is another 1773 coming.”
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Cardinal Coco or Maradiaga probably advised him. All these reporters of abuse, whom PF likens to Satan, are all imperialist, gringo conspirators. When God will we be free of this sordid man?
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I wonder who advised Francis this time, particularly who in the U.S.
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There cann't be an investigation, because they are guilty. It will only be, when they have tampered enough with the evidence... And, besides, this disappointment is a bonus, they kill two birds with one stone... They want to destroy the Church, nothing else can come this handy...
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