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Vatican Anti-Children-Tweet Scandalizes Even Protestants

On February 6 the Pontifical Academy of Sciences run by the controversial Argentinean Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo re-tweeted from its Twitter account “Casina Pio IV” a New York Times article entitled: “No Children Because of Climate Change? Some People Are Considering it.”

The re-tweet produced strong reactions. Paweł Chojecki, an US-style Protestant preacher in Lublin, Poland, commented underneath, “Today the Vatican is promoting a diabolical depopulation teaching! This is not a church of Christ.”


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Klaus Gamber
@Josephmary you really are nuisance, your comments are neither interesting nor entertaining. You come across as a full blown idiot at best and a complete psychopath at worst. either way fools like you have no place in a catholic forum. I have noticed that you have left filthy comments everywhere on this forum. And adhominem attacks against individuals who are valued commentators here, I have … More
I am not surprised by 1823 she says only a few hundred priests were left I actually think it started some where mid 1700. But the most important thing is the Mass, the confessional and the Mass as long as they were inviolate untouched and preserved we were ok because there is no catholic church without it. But all was loss in 1968.when we lost the Mass the clock started ticking its only a matter … More
No children because of what?
Another anathematized heretic making Protestants loathe what they falsely believe the Roman Catholic Church to be.
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