Chinese Bishop Will Abandon His Flock At Vatican's Request

One of the two Catholic Chinese bishops whom the Vatican asked to step down in order to give way for a regime bishop, will comply.

According to the New York Times (February 11), Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin of Mindong, 59, will respect the controversial deal between the Vatican and the Chinese regime.

Guo has been detained several times by the regime. He will be replaced by a regime bishop who was appointed by the Chinese Communists without Vatican approval.

Picture: © Kai Sun, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsMbxtsdvwge

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The bishop abandons his flock. He is a hireling.
Regarding Canon Law, HOW CAN a bishop step down?...
What else can we expect from a Marxist like Bergoglio who favors the communists while persecuting Catholics, a treacherous Judas who from Argentina betrayed his own brother priests and has sold our Colombian brothers to the corrupt Narco-guerrilla FARC - PROGAY and gave him the back to the Argentine political prisoners who fought against the Marxist-Leninist subversion to support the Marxist subv… More
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Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin of Mindong will be a big hero. And he doesn't abandon his flock. Nobody of his flock will see it this way. Bergoglio/Vatican is dead broken . Shame on them.