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Chinese Bishop Will Abandon His Flock At Vatican's Request

One of the two Catholic Chinese bishops whom the Vatican asked to step down in order to give way for a regime bishop, will comply. According to the New York Times (February 11), Bishop Vincent …
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The bishop abandons his flock. He is a hireling.
Regarding Canon Law, HOW CAN a bishop step down?...
What else can we expect from a Marxist like Bergoglio who favors the communists while persecuting Catholics, a treacherous Judas who from Argentina betrayed his own brother priests and has sold our Colombian brothers to the corrupt Narco-guerrilla FARC - PROGAY and gave him the back to the Argentine political prisoners who fought against the Marxist-Leninist subversion to support the Marxist subv… More
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Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin of Mindong will be a big hero. And he doesn't abandon his flock. Nobody of his flock will see it this way. Bergoglio/Vatican is dead broken . Shame on them.