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Francis Wants to Change Composition of His Council of Cardinals

Francis’ Council of Cardinals, gathering for a three-day meeting until Wednesday, issued on September 10 a statement expressing their “full solidarity with Pope Francis in the face of what has happened in the last weeks”. The formulation refers to the explosive revelations of Archbishop Viganò.

The statement further says that the members asked Francis to reflect on the Council's composition “taking into account the advanced age of some members”.

The oldest members are Errázuriz, 85, Monsengwo, 78, Pell, 77, Bertello, 75, and Francis’ close buddy Rodríguez Maradiaga, 75.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsVtvyfqxmbs
alex j
For Whom the Pell Tolls!
GJA Taylor
Sycophants express "full solidarity". What a shameful farce these fools in dress up are.
The ‘not a word’ was designed to buy time.
Recall: four of nine cardinal advisers to the pope have been implicated in either abuse, coverup of absuse, or neglect in handing abuse. I wonder why they expressed solidarity to Mister "I won't say a word"?
There should be no mentioning of Cardinal Pell, he no longer has a say in anything, he has been set up by the homo mafia inside and outside the Vatican and removed from the click because he was getting to close to the truth. Now he faces bogus charges because of the homos in the Church, homos that good old jorge supports, homo's that moron Arch Little protected and Pell Exposed.
Joseph a' Christian
These lost souls state that they will stand in solidarity with the anti-Christ, False Francis.. I will seek to live steadfast in Holy Communion, with Christ the King. I hope to sin much less, and please Almighty God more.
Jesus Is The Singular Way For Life.
. Homosexual, worldly false bishops are dead, leading others to death. These deceitful creatures are the blind leading the blind, into the … More
Dr Bobus
Changing who's in the deck chairs on the Titanic.
Francis seems the sort who doubles down. Probably any Cardinal who is orthodox and not a sodomite will get his walking papers.
Radulf is correct. Musical chairs. Bounce a couple of sodomites to cushy retirements, and usher in some new sodomites. See? We have "reformed!" They think we're stupid.
You can bet on it that he will follow the HIHO principle: Heretics In Heretics Out.
It's the nine Cardinals Pope Francis hand picked to act as his political base within the Vatican.
Lisi Sterndorfer
The Præsidium of the Soviet.