Francis' Favorite Cardinal Again in Troubles

Tegucigalpa Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga's former friend Martha Alegria Reichmann has published the book “Traiciones Sagradas” (Sacred Betrayal) where she chronicles how Rodríguez advised her to make bad financial investments causing her to lose her life savings.

Alegria is the widow of a late Honduran ambassador to the Holy See for 22 years who according to her was instrumental in making Rodríguez a cardinal.

Her book also provides details of Rodríguez' support for scandal Bishop Juan Josè Pineda who is accused of financial and homosexual scandals.

Alegria told (April 6) that Rodriguez has a “dark side” and a “double morality", known only to his victims.

She stresses that Francis keeps Rodríguez in the Council of Cardinals because he acts against cover-ups only when external pressure is strong like in Chile where Cardinal Errázuriz was removed for much less,

“In contrast, in Honduras, Rodríguez has the media in his favor, and they do not report any of the denunciations against him.”

Having Francis’ support, Rodríguez solves the problems by saying: “They are attacking me so as to attack the Pope.”

Picture: Martha Alegria Reichman, Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, #newsKoflzkjaya
I would like to welcome everyone into the spiritual chastisement that is in the Fátima 3rd secret... 2019 we are living in it...pray for mercy and the true consecration of Russia the way the Virgin Mary asked for it to be done, not the fake versions that was performed in the past!!!!
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Could it be both of you are heretics and to repent and resign. Get thee behind me Satan
seems like a familiar line of excuse : they attack me in order to attack the Pope
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