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Modernist Cardinal Lost Election

The U.S. Bishops preferred on November 14 Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann over Chicago Cardinal Cupich to be the chairman of the Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities. Cupich belongs to the Bergoglio wing of the bishops while Naumann is part of the Catholic wing.

According to the Wall Street Journal the vote was a barometer of support for Pope Francis.

In the past Cupich asked priests and seminarians not to pray outside abortion mills. In August 2015, he wrote that unemployment is just as appalling as aborting babies.

Picture: Blase Cupich, © Fast Families, CC BY-SA, #newsUxpkjjuldq
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O Dear Jorge won't like this news, a member of his team didn't get the position, never mind i'm sure Bergolio will reward cuppasoup and punish those who are to rigid.
GJA Taylor
Great! This fake lost in his lust for power. However, what is more worrying is the number of fakes who voted for him.
It is the first time in 40 years that a cardinal has NOT been chosen to chair US Bishops' pro-life committee. This Shows the bishops' strong reaction to Cupich.
Chaput, Barron, Gomez, and DiNardo elected to represent the US at the Synod on Youth.
Uncle Joe
Practice Vote

This morning the bishops voted to elect Archbishop Naumann, not Cupich, as head of the Pro-Life Committee, 96-82.
212 bishops participated in a “practice” vote. 178 voted on the matter of this committee. So, 34 abstained.
But… “Everyone is sure the vote will be a quasi-referendum on support for Pope Francis.”
I want to know their … More
Catholics have a chance now with the tecnology in our hands , to know and to speak up ,about who are the bishops that stand for the Truth of the Gospel and the Church, and the ones that are not ,We can not let these princes of the church to leads into damnation
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I want to know their names. Who voted for Naumann? Who voted for Cupich? What on earth is a "practice vote"?
Uncle Joe
A swing to Cupich of only 8 bishops would have won it for him but it still counts as a win for conservatives (whatever 'conservative' means to these people). Perhaps the opposition to Francis is greater than I'd imagined. 212 bishops participated in a 'practice' vote. 178 voted on the matter of this committee.
Who knows what in the hell the 34 who abstained from the vote were thinking? More