Tradition at War with Tradition?

Tradition at War with Tradition?
Plenary Session of the CDF to Decide SSPX Fate

( A plenary session of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) began meeting Tuesday, January 24th. The purpose is, in part, to deliberate over the Society of St. Pius X’s response regarding the Vatican’s proposed doctrinal preamble.

Acceptance of the preamble was put forward by the Vatican as a precondition to any canonical regularization of the Society.

Members of the CDF who will help decide the Society’s fate include: Cardinal William Levada, “Ecumenical Experts” Cardinals Kurt Koch and Walter Kasper, Vienna's Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (of balloon Mass fame), along with Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Müller. Looking at this assembly, it seems the Society has as much a chance of being offered “full communion” as the Tea Party being offered an invitation to join the Democratic Party.

...First, the Pope states, “We can see today not few good fruits born of the ecumenical dialogues..." The obvious Traditional response to this statement is to ask: “Such as?”

The Pope fails to mention any specifically in his address. Since the only legitimate fruit of any ecumenical discussion is the conversion of non-Catholics to Catholicism, where is the evidence that this been brought about through ecumenism?

...Unfortunately, the Vatican seems to be using the exact same ecumenical approach towards the Society as it uses towards Protestantism and non-Christian religions.

As we can see from the Assisi debacles and the Catholic-Lutheran joint declaration on salvation, this "unity in diversity" approach always ends in mass confusion, relativism, and indifferentism, despite Vatican attempts at bureaucratic hair-splitting to keep the façade of orthodoxy.

In the final analysis, being “permitted” to be fully Catholic while in full communion with the Church seems to come at the price of admitting that the other novel ways of “being Catholic” invented over the last fifty years are just as legitimate and efficacious as Tradition.

Thus the Mass of Pius V is merely a “little t” tradition, on par with the Charismatic Mass, Folk Mass, and Rock Mass.

Enter relativism. For what the Vatican bureaucrats fail to understand is that only one set of these “little t” traditions fully embodies, encourages, and spreads the true Catholic Faith.

Once the official structures of the Church can bring themselves to admit the path our Catholic ancestors took under guidance of the Holy Ghost over two thousand years is superior to the man-made innovations of the modern era, the true restoration of the Church can begin.

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@Gloria.TV – News Briefs: Quite! But on the other hand, we must never rule out grace - see what the grace of God can do through the foolish..... Catholic Hagiography stands as vociferous testamony to this!
Bishop Fellay has called for another Rosary Crusade beginning of Lent 2011 to the end of Pentecost 2012 asking the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. It is very obvious to any thinking Catholic, that our Redeemer founded His Church to bring His redemption to mankind through preaching and the administration of the Sacrements by His Apostolic Church.
Jesus told the Samarian women at the well that his followers would worship the Father in spirit and in truth. Truth is not a topic that Cardinal Kasper et al is concerned about. It is all about political unity at the expense of Divinely revealed Truth.
I don't see how the SSPX can be integrated into the post conciliar Church. They would have to accept all Vatican II changes. This would be in direct opposition to their founder's objections. Although we Catholics have been left in the dark by the content of the Doctrinal Preamble one can make an educated guess what it contains. The SSPX should not - as the article describes accurately - be considered another Christian faction waiting to be included among the other false religions, under the … [More]
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Gloria.TV-News Briefs...👏👍
Three members of the 'Dream Team' who will decide the fate of the Society.

Cardinal Walter Kasper

Vienna's Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

Bishop Gerhard Mueller of Regensburg

Are these the "Best and the Brightest" that the Catholic Church has to offer?