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Godlike [Novichok] State: United Kingdom Owns The Children – Not the Parents

Pope Francis told the president of the Vatican hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome, Mariella Enoc, last week “to do everything possible and impossible” to save the little Alfie Evans, a British two-year-old who suffers from a neurodegenerative disorder.

On April 23, Italy granted Alfie citicenship and is waiting to fly him in a military jet to Rome.

In the last days high ranking European politicians including the Polish president Andrzej Duda called on the U.K. to support the boy who “must be saved”.

Only in the [Novichok] United Kingdom there is a total absence of any prominent supporter for the rights of Alfie and his parents.

The British judge Anthony Hayden, who handed down a death-sentence to Alfie, is a member of “The Bar Lesbian and Gay Group” and co-authored a book about homosexual relationships and adoption.

Hayden based his evil judgement on the false diagnosis of British doctors that Alfie couldn't breathe on his own. Once the breathing-machines were switched off, Alfie proved them wrong - and continued breathing on his own.

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I think that the dad is correct that the hospital has misdiagnosed the condition and it would be found out in Italy and God forgive me but from some of the news items it wouldn't be a stretch to glean that the baby was planned for an organ donor. As far as the judge is concerned: disordered morals produce disordered decisions. The Ten Commandments are out in the UK
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They care about wwf
Sunamis 46
The royals
Just care for their income-
And nothing else
Maybe their dogs and how to squeeze more money out of their
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The helicopter is just sit and wait there
De Profundis
Alfie Evans latest: Pope puts military helicopter on standby to rush sick toddler to Italy
The judge who has sentenced Alfie Evans belongs to the LGTBI lobby
(InfoCatólica) The BLAGG website was pleased to announce that one of its members, Judge Anthony Hayden, had been appointed by Queen Isabel as Judge of the High Court of the United Kingdom and its affiliation to the Family Division.
El juez que ha sentenciado a Alfie Evans pertenece al lobby LGTBI
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Inequality in Britain
The tragedy for the Evans family is to have brought Alfie in an english hospital.
Hospital legal team: “The tragedy for the parents is that Alfie does look like a happy and healthy child.”
Mary, Mother of God, please, I beg for a miracle for Alfie!
I thought the "Royals" were out to help people. Isn't that what they do with their free time.. Posing with Mother Teresa.. helping others? Right?
Why don't the "Royals" help him?!!! There wedding, dresses, make up would pay for Alfie's life support for many years! This is sickening!
This sick boy and his father have done more for the discussion of issues like totalitarian state, parental rights, human rights, medicine, corrupt judges,... than an army of philosophers could do. What a great and truly important life this young man had for mankind.
Where are the English bishops? Too busy warning of climate change?
Extend animal rights to humans
My heart is broken for this baby. I am nauseous watching "The Royals" bringing home their baby. Only GOD can determine when to end a life. They had not given this baby food or water!!!! If this was an dog, you would hear this all over the news! I am tweeting about Alfie, but little response, people don't realize what is going on with Socialized medicine. Since when can you not leave the hospital.… More
De Profundis
They once were enemies.
Holy Cannoli
And where are the Catholic UK bishops?
That is an important question.

Those useless, cowardly, oxygen thieves have expressed themselves with the following:

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales seemed to have distanced themselves from both Pope Francis’s and Cavina’s remarks by releasing a statement fully supporting Alder Hey Children’s hospital and “those who are and have … More
The Court of Appeals has agreed to hold a hearing on Wednesday afternoon on whether the couple should be allowed to take their son to Italy for further Treatment.
So, you managed to get out of the womb, did you?
@OLS: eternally, to be sure. Temporally? Only the return of Jesus will do that, imho.
Our Lady of Sorrows
The Rosary will save up from this tyranny in the UK and worldwide. Catholics the Rosary is no longer an option
De Profundis
It's demonic logic