Francis Accomplishes What Communists Couldn't Do: He Crushes Church in China

Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen has asked Pope Francis in a letter to suspend the secret September agreement with the Beijing regime (, November 22).

Zen noticed that the only palpable result of the deal is that Francis lost his authority over the Church in China. Now, the Chinese regime tells even the underground Catholic Church to join the Communist State Church, Zen added.

This way, the Vatican is "indirectly helping the government to annihilate the underground Church which Beijing was not able to crush".

During a November 21 talk in Bologna, Italy, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the main responsible for the China agreement, called the deal "an act of faith".

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsDxolejoqei
Communism and catholicism dont go to together , only on some peoples minds
China only?!!!
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