Dictatorship of "Tolerance" at Radio Maria:Professor de Mattei removed for article here posted

From Rorate Caeli Link and Rorate Comment below here; This is the last article Motus in fine velocior by Roberto de Mattei [Feb. 12. 2014] February 11, 2013, is a date which has entered into history…
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la verdad prevalece mentioned this post in New martyr of Tradition. Obsessive Persecution of a spiritual child of Padre Pio by Bergoglio ….
4 Kings chapter 21 verses 2 through 6 Douay

2] And he did evil in the sight of the Lord, according to the idols of the nations, which the Lord destroyed from before the face of the children of Israel. [3] And he turned, and built up the high places which Ezechias his father had destroyed: and he set up altars to Baal, and made groves, as Achab the king of Israel had done: and he adored all the … More
Dear brother rhemes1582 ,
It is with sadness I say that a couple months ago I began to see the flaws post-Vatican II. Many of our leaders have failed to defend the purity of the faith (orthodoxy). I cannot explain the impact specifically since modernism distorts the truth and have many believe the lie that we share the same God with Muslims and other non-Judeo Christian based … More
@ Knights4
I do remember.

I do not feel the JPII was a defender of orthodoxy. His act of forgiving his assassin was very Christian and compliments the Papacy. Deo Gratias.
Today they may still forgive the Assassin, and maybe, anything else you might add to the list
I think however there is a sin nowadays that is not forgiven in the Church.

That{sin :TO THEM that persecute it} is Orthodoxy or … More
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Last fall (15 octubre, 2013) Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi were dismissed and their broadcasts cancelled. Do you remember?…/no-catholic-lik…
I don't see where is the forgiveness Pope JPII who almost got killed and he forgave his enemies. Now they are suppressing the truth instead of … More
@Prof. Leonard Wessel.
I am just watching like everyone else, and trying to make sense of it all. Rorate just published this jaw dropper : {Cardinal Hummes: With Benedict XVI gone and replaced by Francis, people have faith again. }

I am looking for any sense of balance in these things; I cannot find it.
I do see a direction, not dis-similar to your dots......

I am trying to embrace God's will … More
Prof. Leonard Wessell
@rhemes1582, thank you for your above contribution. I have been playing connect the dot game with Pp Francis' deeds and sayings, i.e., note them down and then seek to connect them to have an outline. Your contribution offers a very find "outline" sprinkled with a couple of the dots that have affected me. Thank you for the effort!