Vatican Cardinal Promotes Ecclesiastic Antisemitism

Cardinal Kurt Koch, the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, has put "antisemitism" and the Mission to the Jews on the same level, "It is important for me that [...] …
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On aimerait bien connaître ce fameux texte de Ratzinger.
A philosopher [modern theologian, Cardinal] cannot talk about any single thing, down to a pumpkin, without showing whether he is wise or foolish; but he can easily talk about everything without anyone having any views about him, beyond gloomy suspicions.
No worries he is just supporting one of the tenants of Vatican II, ecumanism.
Don't talk in chimeric terms: antisemitism is a nothing invented to persecute anyone who the jews don't like or criticizes them.

Yeah, you know, the jews are sacred, they are saved by their DNA...That's why they deserve the universal empire, that the antichrist will obtain for them... You are spot on Koch, thank you!!!
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and his beliefs are antiChrist.
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The usual.
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