“Crucified Cow” Inside A Catholic Church

A crucified cow has been erected in the Catholic Church St John Baptist in Borgloon, Belgium. It will be exposed until early December. Last Sunday the Katholiek Forum prayed outside the church agai…
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GJA Taylor
If you are afraid of the media little bishop - then resign forthwith you useless idiot.
It's UNSPEAKABLE, UNFATHOMABLE blasphemy Dr. Reiss!!!!
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Yes, I've signed it to...from LS News I do believe.
@Jungerheld ues ma’m ....ive signed it...shared it
When people speak out in large numbers, bishops discover the courage to be bishops. Here is a petition to have the disgusting, blasphemous thing removed. Please sign it, share it.
this is going to far .offending God so much ,people have lost The fear and respect of our Creator
The Satanists are extreme in their hatred of the Christ and the bishop should be condemning them in the severest of terms. However, the term bishop has taken on the same meaning as timid. It won't go well for you at your particular judgement, dear bishop.
Jim Dorchak
This Bishop should be publicly Spanked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Jungerheld no need to mess around with petitions, grab the bishop frogmarch him to the location get him to pull the damnd thing down...petitions presuppose i wouldnt waste time or effort on that
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De Profundis
In once-Catholic Belgium. (If it seems Satanic, it probably is.)
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@Dr Stuart Reiss, how do you feel about petitions like the one linked when it comes to blasphemy like this? There are some occasions that have surprised me where the outcry of every-day people has brought a quick change.
I really can’t believe this. It’s just one thing after another.