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Why Are Catholics So Passive and Tolerant?

Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor, 1st Cousin Of 57 Generations

I was Trying to understand how the British, who were fighters, Crusaders, became so Passive and weak, which now is the United Kingdom, so I decided to put it into a bigger question, why are Catholics so passive, timid, and heretical in meaning of tolerance; by accepting Protestant Heretics and the false religions of the world, and those who denied Christ as the Messiah, the Jewish People.

I believe the re-wiring of our brains began in the 30s or maybe even later, that led up to the heresies in the Second Vatican Council that really opened up the Church to all the dangers we see today. We got rid of Faith, Hope, Charity, and replaced them with being Passive, Accepting, and Tolerant.

Meaning, we no longer follow anything that is still valid, even though a few hundred or thousand years old, the early valid councils of the Church, the call of Blessed Urban II and other Blessed Popes who called for the Crusades for the Defense of Christians. When Passive, Accepting, Tolerant, Multiculturalism entered into the Church and became the new teachings to follow, meaning stuff that is not Accepted or defended by the Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church; everything that was written before Vatican II was called forbidden, and modernist authors were accepted and made as those to listen to.

So when Christians began to be persecuted, slaughtered, killed in multiple genocides, and Ordo Militaris Catholicus answered the call, we were automatically attacked, not listened to, called not serious, old fashion, everything to black list us, website attacked, radio show attacked, Twitter accounts lost, Facebook Accounts lost, Catholics not helping, not donating, not investing, because of the problem of this brainwashing!
So, how do we fight this brainwashing? We just have to keep sharing Actual Catholic Teaching, Actual Catholic History and Keep Sharing Ordo Militaris Catholicus; then we hope and pray while we do this work, that we unbrainwash the Catholics and get them to join. We MUST GET OPERATIONAL! So Please consider Investing this Holiday Season!

Deus Vult!

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Even Jesus said that evil out smarts the good people ,we have to resist reject and refuse evil heresies
Because the Church hierarchy was infiltrated by masons, communists, homosexuals, and other enemies of the church who were then able to flood the priesthood with the same.