'Catholic Spring' uprising prediction for Ireland

'Catholic Spring' uprising prediction for Ireland over dissenting priest Father Flannery

Several leading priests in Ireland are predicting a “Catholic Spring” as dissent against the Vatican decision to ban Father Tony Flannery grows.

The Daily Beast website has reported that leading priests now believe that the Vatican has gone too far in silencing Father Flannery who has been sent to a monastery to reflect on his actions.

The Association of Catholic Priests, which has 800 members, has already come out strongly against the silencing.

"It is a bit like Walmart, where you have the CEO in Rome and his people there decide on policy and then insist that the bishops, as branch managers, implement that policy,” he told the Irish Examiner.

"If Rome says ‘jump’ are we simply expected to say, ‘how high?’ Operating like a multinational where the number one requirement is obedience is at total variance with the Church of Jesus," said Fr McDonagh. (Father Sean MacDonagh, a founder of the ACP, has now strongly criticised the Vatican move.)

He defended the calls for women to play a more active and equal role, "In the first century, it was possible to articulate the message of Jesus and not have females in leadership roles because the culture of the time would not allow it and there was a very dark perception of what women were.

But, now, in the 21st century, the Church must discern where the Holy Spirit is leading it, and the Vatican should not be leading it backwards."


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Thank's be to God the Vatican silenced him - and others too. They are heretics and we all wish they would go and join other Christian Churches that agree with their beliefs and stop pulling an already struggling Church to pieces. - Rene
The Irish Church is overrun with wolves like Fr McDonagh.