France: Cathedrals used for Pop Concerts - Better Burn them Down

The French singer Laurent Voulzy, 70, performed a June 12 concert in the Cathedral of Laval, France.

Voulzy is presently living in his third [Amoris-Laetita] liaison with a woman. Bishop in Laval is Monsignore Thierry Scherrer, the killer of the Little Sisters of Mary Mother of the Redeemer. Voulzy performed his hits and less well-known titles such as "Mayenne", which is about a love story.

Before, the singer already performed in Mende Cathedral, in presence of the local bishop Benoît Bertrand. comments, “We're going to end up regretting that the cathedrals didn't all burn....”

while in the philippines.. parish used as political agendas and campaign purposes... this is INSIDE the church!!! see