Homoerotic Vespers to First Mass in Germany

Father Fabian Ploneczka of the diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Germany, celebrated on Sunday his first mass in Augsburg. According to (July 17), the preceding vespers on Saturday was a “homoe…
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Will Cardinal McCarrick take over here soon?
As others have said here.....I just don't understand how they ALL didn't get up, protest and LEAVE that Den of Iniquity! Wild horses couldn't have kept my tongue silent nor kept me in that pew! For the sake of Christ's Church people, DEFEND THE BRIDE OF CHRIST!!! Don't sit there in compliance with this sacrilege! God gave all of us mouths to speak with and feet to walk with, use them in HIS … More
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I KNOW I would have interrupted this sacrilege since NO ONE in the Church seems to have the courage to stand up to this evil.
How can those people just sit there and allow that to happen?
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Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart. The Predecessor of Gebhard Fürst is Walter Kasper.…/in-augsburg-mor…
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The vile evidence keeps accumulating that we are in the last days.
Almighty God, please strengthen the few faithful, through this evil.
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Another Vatican 2 homo from a pink palace seminary.
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