Only For Him: Bishop Schneider Must Stay Eleven Months A Year at Home

The Vatican has asked Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider not to leave Astana archdiocese for more than 30 days a year, Schneider told Schneider claimed that this is neither a prohi…
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Vered Lavan
The Highest V2-Sovietcommittee has spoken!
He should get a Live Stream Channel and use it to reach us!
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The real good bishops get punished ,the other bishops that bring evil and shame the church are promoted , Someone said this before that : what was good before now is bad and what was bad is now good . God have mercy on us
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Bishops imprisoned in their dioceses Others told not to invite certain Cardinals Publishers told not to print books An Index of internet sites Bishops deposed, religious orders disbanded without trial or explanation
Monsignor Athanasius Schneider :
“When we arrive at a point in the Church where the faithful, priests and bishops are afraid to say something, as in a dictatorship, this is not the Church.”
“...blind obedience is characteristic of a ‘dictatorship,’ not the Church”.
Its his excellency’s voice and his presence that Francis dislikes (lets call a spade a spade, its Poope Francis who wants to contain Bishop Schneider) so, let the Holy Bishop start his weekly internet show. Let him become the new Fulton Sheen. And for the 30 days (does that include weekends and public holidays?) he can travel.
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He's a thorn in the side; a bishop who is actually Catholic. I guess they figured they got rid of all of those.
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