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No Doubt: A Conspiracy Lead To Francis’ Election – Bishop Gracida

Pope Francis says “something heretical one day” and the next day contradicts it with the truth, retired Corpus Christi Bishop René Gracida (95) said to (July 10). Therefore, according to Gracida, one cannot not speak of a heretical papacy.

Garcida is convinced that Francis' 2013 election was invalid due to a conspiracy of the so called “St Gallen mafia” who first tried to prevent Cardinal Ratzinger's election and then plotted to bring about his resignation in order to elect Jorge Bergoglio.

“There is no question that there was a conspiracy for over 20 years beginning in the 1990s”, said Gracida, reminding that the Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis (1996) threatens those with excommunication who try to manipulate a conclave.

Gracida wrote his conclusions to a number Cardinals but [not surprisingly] never received an answer.

In the same interview, Gracida reveals that he stopped celebrating the New Mass when he retired in 1997 and has celebrated the Tridentine Latin Mass ever since.

He thinks that Paul VI “had made a terrible mistake” by introducing the New Rite.

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