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Bishop Schneider Criticises Pius X's and Pius XII's Liturgical Revolutions

Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider has criticised two liturgical “revolutions” which preceded Paul VI's 1970 disastrous Novus Ordo reform.

Talking to (September 21), Schneider pointed to Pius X's 1911 reform of the breviary. For Schneider it is “an enigma how he could do this”.

Pius X radically changed the distribution of the psalms. The Roman Church had kept this order almost unchanged since or even before Pope Gregory I (+604).

For Schneider it is “reasonable” to return to the former breviary which he calls “the breviary of all ages”.

The second revolution Schneider localises in Pius XII's 1955 failed reform of the rite of Holy Week. According to Schneider a similar thing has "never happened in the entire history of the Church”.

Pius XII replace "the beautiful rites of Holy Week" with a “manufactured” construct, Schneider adds.

FYI to Prayhard: Annibale Bugnini did not exercise any influence on the Reformed Holy Week Rites as proven by the diaries of Cardinal Antonelli (cf. "The Development of the Liturgical Reform: As Seen by Cardinal Ferdinando Antonelli from 1948 to 1970").
Have to disagree. The difficulty is when one is looking at past reforms through the eyes of what happened in the Novus Ordo Missae. However, the liberal revolution was diametrically different from the legitimate reforms made under St. Pius X and Pius XII, as the former are based upon theological deficiencies (i.e., false ecumenism) as well as the error of antiquarianism.

If you do not make the … More
Exactly! It is needed today, MORE THAN EVER BEFORE - to return to those Traditions handed down to us - whether it be following the ancient Breviary or any other aspect of the true, uncompromised Faith.
God bless Bishop Schneider!
Before Pope St Pius X, the Office for secular priests, although not Regular priests, was based on ill-considered changes made under the inept Urban VIII. Pius X did bring improvements, although the changes to how Psalms were laid out, was unfortunate. Mgsr Bugnini's inferior '50s Holy Week changes saw the man appointed by Pius XII as Secretary to the Congregation of Rites, throw away a millennia … More