“Conservative” Cardinal Forbids Prayer in Reparation for Gay March

Genoa Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, 76, forbad three prayers in reparation for a gravely immoral homosexual march in Genoa (June 15), local media reported.

The prayers were scheduled in three different parishes. Auxiliary Bishop Nicolo Anselmi told them that Bagnasco considers the prayers as “inappropriate.”

On the other hand, Bagnasco has allowed pro-gay vigils in Genoa churches since 2017. He was considered a “conservative” when appointed in 2006 and made a Cardinal in 2007.

His outing came in May 2013 when he gave communion to the Communist Italian transvestite and gay propagandist Wladimiro Guadagno (video below).

Picture: Angelo Bagnasco, © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsFchptdwkbw

Dr Bobus
This just emphasizes the obvious: There will be no Italian papabile in the next conclave.
Should be ashamed of himself ,follow the world,instead of obeying the Catholic faith and protect It.
Up Next... "Conservative" Cardinal Forbids Quoting Scripture Contradicting Homosexuality. ---and just wait until one terrible day a cardinal like this becomes Pope. It's going to happen.
Prayers should be shifted for this Cardinal instead...
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This is a demonic use of Episcopal Authority.