Scholar: Luther Destroyed Theological Truth And Paved The Way For Secularization

So the German princes used Luther as a tool to gain more money and power?
Yes. The Church has always fought against absolute power. Even to martyrdom; in the Roman Empire thousands of martyrs gave their lives because they refused to give to Caesar what is God's. Luther, however, gave to Caesar what is Caesar's – and what is God's!

The greed for money is, from the beginning, part of the problem that generated Luther. This envy and desire of money was created after the French Revolution and the October Revolution, and even today the revolution of gender ideology. Luther is the first revolutionary of history. He is not a reformer, he is a revolutionary.

You mention in the book that Luther had a problem with his sins, and despairing of God's mercy. Did it all start there?

I deal with historical facts, not psychology, but it is clear that Luther was a disturbed person and a narcissist. For example, he was convinced that he was the true interpreter of Christ, who alone could proclaim the pure Gospel.

In addition, he had a visceral hatred of Jews.

He speaks of them as 'the hateful and bloody Jewish people', and in 'On the Jews and Their Lies' asks for 'hard work imposed on the Jews to earn bread by the sweat of their brow.' It is the precursor of Arbeit macht frei (Work makes you free), the phrase that welcomed Jews in Nazi concentration camps. National Socialism had Luther as a parent. In fact, in the 30 Protestant districts of Germany Hitler had a much more favorable reception than in the Catholic districts. Luther was a man dominated by his hatred of Jews and of the Roman Pope.