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This Is How Vatican Plans To Trash Humanae Vitae

Monsignor Pierangelo Sequeri (72), uttered many empty words during a conference in Milan (May 10) in order to undermine the intention and content of Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae (1968).

An example: Sequeri said that Humanae Vitae's “sapiential side” - whatever this is - was “the nexus of the concept of parental responsibility” [?].

Sequeri, a musician, was imposed by Pope Francis as the president of the [ruined] Roman John Paul II Family Institute although or because he is incompetent in the field.

His strategy during the talk was obvious: He praised Humanae Vitae while at the same time distracting from its main focus, the prohibition of artificial contraception which the Bergoglio party wants to cancel.

Like Pope Francis, Sequeri is a 68 ideologist who belongs to the past. The Church that belongs to God, aims at increasing the number of her children, not at diminishing it.

Picture: © American Life League, CC BY-NC, #newsBhfkttcmdl mentioned this post in Italy Without Children – Will Francis Wake Up?.
"Sequential at 68 is a relative youngster." When the article states that Monsignor Sequeri is a "68 ideologist," it is referring to the year 1968, not his age. "1968 ideology" refers to the ideas/movements that surfaced in that era, focusing I believe on the "student movement." According to his bio, Sequeri was born December 26, 1944, which would make him 74 towards the end of this year.
Auto-correct at work there, but he is indeed one in a sequence of gibberish spouting 'Spirit of V2' drones.
Sequential at 68 is a relative youngster. Hopefully, he'll go away when Jorge shuffles off.