Francis Fooled Again: His “Poor” Gypsy Owns 27 Cars

Pope Francis jumped on the oligarch media bandwagon in May 2019 when he received a gypsy family who according to oligarch media propaganda had become the “victim” of “racist slurs.”

Francis met Imer Omerovic, 40, his wife and one of their twelve children in the sacristy of the Roman Lateran Basilica. Omerovic family now lives in a free State apartment.

But according to (June 27) Omerovic owns 27 cars among them three Audi, two BMW, and five Mercedes. According to his account, they are part of a business of “selling cars on the Internet.” But at the business’ address the cars cannot be found, and no documents exist proving that the business operates in reality.

For this can be explained only in two ways, Either Omerovic is a stooge or he carries out an illegal activity.

Gypsies are the worst pestilence in Europe, second only to the Muslims. There's a reason why they're so "persecuted" and it has to do with their enculturated tradition of scamming, stealing and cheating everyone who is non-Gypsy.
Just give her the rest of the bones of St Peter
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