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Gay Fornication Removed from Altar after Protests

A sculpture of two men kissing each other was placed on a Sacred Heart side altar of the church in Seravezza, Italy, in the context of a July art exhibition directed by a certain Matteo Marchetti.

After protests from the public, Marchetti transferred the sculpture on July 21 to a terrace outside of the church.

The parish-priest, Father Hermes Luppi told the media that for his taste “the sculpture could have remained where it was”.

According to Catholic doctrine, homosexual fornication is among the four sins crying to heaven for vengeance.

I'm surprised nobody smashed that faggot filth with a sledge hammer.
If Bergoglio continues to plague Catholics, Luppi would be queer enough to be a Francisbishop.
Luppi should be removed immediately as "pastor," and laicized. He is a danger to souls.
Joseph a' Christian
EVIL. These queers are blatantly mocking, spittting at our Lord Jesus. They hate our Lord, our Church. These perverts place a sculpture promoting the unnatural, before a beautiful sculpture that honors The Holy Creator of nature. Remember when the deceitful homosexuals originally stated that they simply desired to love and be loved, be members of our Church?
A true Christian, in the vicinity of … More