Australian Bishop: Latin Mass For Youth - Children’s Liturgy for Over 70's

Sydney Auxiliary Bishop James Umbers has pointed out on Twitter (October 7) that priests should keep the pastoral needs of a congregation in mind when choosing between different Mass options. This is Umbers' [realistic] proposal:

• Under 30’s: Old Latin Mass
• Over 50’s: Youth Mass
• Over 70’s and [possible] presence of one child: Children’s Liturgy.

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alex j
Is this Auxiliary Bishop for real??? He would better suited to working as a Waiter handing out Menus! As for his disparaging remarks concerning the over 70's, he and I should have face to face talk and I guarantee he wouldn't patronise the elderly ever again. Idiot!!!
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Don Reto Nay
How did Umbers become a bishop although he must be an excellent man?
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