Eurovision: Suddenly the Cross Was Gone

A large street cross, which can be seen several times on the clip "Fire of Love" of the Polish women's group Tulia, has suddenly disappeared.

Tulia represents Poland with "Fire of Love" at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

The group denied having anything to do with the removal of the cross and expressed its respect for religious symbols.

Finally, it turned out that the record company Universal had produced a Cross-free clip in order to comply with requirements of the Eurovision organizers.

Jacek Kurski, director of the Polish State broadcaster TVP, asked to bring the cross back because TVP has not given permission to remove it.

They hate the cross and the mere sight of it greatly disturbs them to no end
They can try to eliminate God, but the cross will always stand until the end of time!!!
@Le Précurseur The scene with the cross is eliminated in total. The second video is 3 seconds shorter.
les deux photos ne sont pas prises au même endroit, c'est évident !