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Both Vatican Spokesmen Resign Suddenly

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke, an American, and his deputy, Spanish-born Paloma Garcia Ovejero, have resigned, the Vatican announced on December 31.

Pope Francis accepted their resignations. Further details are not provided.

The German Vaticanist Jan-Christoph Kitzler commented on Twitter, "Their problem was a lack of proximity to Pope Francis and his solo performances."

The semi-Vatican outlet IlSismografo slammed them, "Burke and García have proved to be not up to the assigned tasks and the list of incompetent, missed or clumsy actions, of errors (sometimes with diplomatic implications) of both is rather substantial."

Picture: Greg Burke, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsHimvsvnoax mentioned this post in Vatican Media: What Has Changed?.
"Their supporters said they had grown frustrated with years of seeking, and failing, to modernize the Vatican’s rickety and anachronistic communications department and to convince the pope and his top lieutenants that in an age defined by media, communications could not be an afterthought." Source:…/pope-francis-sp…
Jim Dorchak
Ut ohhhh .... what did they get caught doing? Couldn’t have been praying
The head of the Vatican office for communications says in statement he has "learned" of the resignations of director and vice-director of Vatican press office. Calls the decision "their autonomous and free choice."
The Vatican media operation now headed by Paolo Ruffini, Andrea Tornielli, Andrea Monda, Paolo Nusiner, Giacomo Ghisani, Alessandro Gisotti, and Francesco Masci is:
all Italian,
all male.