Cognitive Assessment for the Hierarchy?

On January 10, 2018 a physical and cognitive examination was given to President Donald Trump. The results were presented in an hour long Q & A session with the loons in the American press corps yest…
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Uncle Joe
A small twist to the cognitive testing..Every priest in every parish would have their own section of the parish website where each priest would list his CV, IQ, grade point average in school, years in ministry etc. In addition, those pages would include testimonials from laity who attended that parish and would give their own impressions of each particular priest. If one priest is a shining star,… More
@Uncle Joe , not having English as mother tongue may result is much poorer values either for Catholic hierarchy members or myself - eg. I am not aware of the Hungarian version of this test that could help...
Your last question is more than a theoretic one, furthermore who am I decide in this matter?
Don Reto Nay
Since most of the bishops are not able to think with their own brains but the journalists are thinking for them, you should leave the bishops in peace and give a cognitive examination on the fake-news journalists.
something he always wanted to be
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Uncle Joe
Does the thought that some of the Catholic hierarchy may be suffering from cognitive impairment concern you? Is it not possible that unexplainable non traditional pronouncements of Catholic hierarchy may be the result of a mental issue such as dementia rather than a radical jump toward heresy?

Given the damage they are currently doing, how they have diminished the reputation of the … More
Depends, who is giving the test....Luther, or Blessed Pope Pius IX
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