Cardinal Müller: They Just Keep Repeating Their Old Errors

Theology does hardly play the role it deserves at the synods of bishops, Cardinal Gerhard Müller said to (December 5).

He pointed out that the intellectual level of the arguments exchanged at the synods is occasionally "embarrassing" and that the debate gets stuck in anecdotic observations.

Müller added that the Latin world feels an inferiority complex towards the German Church "with her money". Therefore the Germans are left to themselves "as long as the money is flowing".

Finally Müller acknowledges that "the Church is divided" [between Catholics and Progressives] and that the progressives, apart from repeating old errors, offer no forward-looking ideas.

"Their model that has brought the Church in many countries to the brink of insignificance, cannot be considered the antidote to the largely homemade crisis of the Church", the cardinal added.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsTrzxyvzxjy
alex j
Muller did precious little about anything when he was Pope Benedict's right hand man. Big disappointment.
De Profundis
Müller insists Francis is doing all he can to curb abuse
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