Pro-Gay Cardinal Suspends Gay-Critical Priest, Confines Him to Psychiatric Unit

Monsignor Denny Lyle and Father Jeremy Thomas visited Father Paul Kalchik, 56, the pastor of Resurrection Parish in Chicago, United States, on September 22 telling him on pro-gay Chicago Cardinal …
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De Profundis
A 1997 internal Chicago Archd document from vicar of priests refers to horrible things found at Resurrection parish after its pastor's death. What were they? NB: this has to do with why persecuted Fr Paul Kalchik ritually burned that pastor's ceremonial rainbow flag.
Not confined, but he is hiding. The words spoken by Cupich's goons sounded like a threat to life. Burning the banner of sodomy is for Cupich what breaking the Cross would be to a Christian.
For whomever is alone, there is his guardian angel. ---St. Padre Pio
A priest destroys what is evil is and blasphemes the Lord is then persecuted by his own "Bishops."
Fr. Paul John Kalchik delivered a powerful homily on Sept. 9th in which he related the horrible story of his sexual abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest. The homily concluded with the following words:
Of course it had everything to do with the burning of the "rainbow" flag. Do they think we are stupid. Cupich needs to be removed/ I am tired of these bishops and cardinals and maybe even the Pope slanting everything toward a pro homosexual agenda. They are trying to destroy our Church. And can we stop using that stupid term 'gay'. It is homosexual and that is the truth.
Pro gay cardinal? Who would have thought! In today's Church, those who teach the faith will be persecuted, especially clerics.
Holy Cannoli
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The 2 enforcers who threatened Fr. Kalchik. "Fr. Kalchik told those two enforcers that he had Mass to celebrate in the morning. "The response from the two was to ask him, 'What would happen if you were dead?"

These are the "enforcers"?
Cardinal Blase (SuPee) has obviously not watched any Mafia movies in a while so he sends these two girly-… More
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Americans have built a number of portable altars for persecuted priests forced into psych hospitals for being "traditional" - wearing a cassock and offering the Traditional Latin Mass
Fr. Kalchik had also called for Catholics to "boycott" masses celebrated by Cardinal Cupich due to Cupich's alleged involvement in the current clerical sex abuse scandal.
De Profundis
Fr Jeremy Thomas, Chicago Vicar for Priests who visited Fr Kalchik yesterday (rainbow flag-burning priest), was implicated in gay scandal in early 2000s involving "suspicious video rentals" and "financial irregularities." Thomas was protected.