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Moral Theologian: Francis Is Leading the Church Into "Spiritual Catastrophe"

The so called "new paradigm” drawn from Amoris Laetitia, suggests that some Catholics are not required to submit to the divine and natural laws, Christian Brugger, a father of five children who taught moral theology and served as a theological consultant to the US bishops, writes on (March 19).

Brugger appeals to the bishops to resist this “new paradigm” whose logic "will surely be applied to contraceptive acts, homosexual behavior, and to other traditionally rejected behaviors”.

He believes that only such an intervention can avert what otherwise will be a "spiritual catastrophe for the Catholic Church.” Otherwise "great evil will occur and many souls will be lost”, Brugger warns.

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Too litttle, too late. The catholic heirarchy are totally useless. The Catholic Church has been led for a long time into Spiritual Catastrophe by modernists and innovators. Francis is just one in line of many.
Catholics resist reject refuse new idiology ,new paradigm ,water down faith
Correction, Francis has led the Church into spiritual catastrophe.
This Bergoglio figure is the formal heretic. No doubt about it. AL + letter of Argentinian bishops incorporated into the Church Magisterium prove that.
Holy Cannoli
Ross Douthat, the lone conservative columnist at the New York Times, has a book( exposing the behavior and methods used by Jorge Bergoglio) in the works, which will be released next week.

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