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Irish Archbishop: Homosexual Couples Welcome At "World Meeting of Families"

The Irish Church is seeking thousands of volunteers to help with the organisation of the World Meeting of the Families in Dublin from 21 to 26 August .

During a press conference (June 11), Armagh Archbishop Eamon Martin was asked by, whether "homosexual couples” would be welcome to volunteer.

Martin answered, “Of course”, adding that "everyone" [including racists, homosexualists, and criminals?] is welcome at the meeting.

Picture: © Ted Eytan, CC BY-SA, #newsKyeaaanesg mentioned this post in Cardinal Farrell Suggest That Second Vatican Council Was A Disaster.
Homosexual couples are welcome into hell too, but it does not mean we want them there.
De Profundis
King Henry the 8th didn’t just want a new “Bride” he wanted St Thomas More’s approval and subsequently he wanted the Bishops to capitulate. Part of western decadence is the desire for the Church and her institution’s to share in the sins of the West
And this is how anyone can defend berboglio? How archbishop Gomez allow a gay couple and their adopted son to bring the bread and wine to the altar at mass, how gay pride was rampant and instead they didnt say anything in Rome, how gay couples can reach to bergoglio easily and so hard for the "rigids"... Well if yo want to defend any of that, welcome to bergoglio's gay and all sorts of evil with … More
The Irish Church was silent on the murder of unborn children but speaks now that they can send more souls to hell via homosexuality.
Modernists are perverted and aim to destroy traditional piety.
We cannot compare families and homosexuals, which are welcome, with racists and criminals and do every one in the same pot.
Abp Martin withdrew seminarians from Maynooth, a haven for heresy and homosexuality, has offered the TLM and supports it in Dublin, which makes him look like an utter careerist.
Holy Cannoli
Martin answered, “Of course”, adding that "everyone" [including racists, homosexualists, and criminals?] is welcome at the meeting.

, eh?
I have a couple of questions, Archbishop?

1) Will Muslims also be welcome?
2) Will there be any tall buildings in the area?
Jim Dorchak
There is not such thing as a Homosexual Couple as in marriage and this is a World Meeting of Families not people who make believe that they are families.
Dr Bobus
They were also welcome at Irish College in Rome.
not to forget Muslim legal bigamists, trigamists and quattrogamists, as well as brave IS- bombers, who show great esteem for (their) fertile families. Homos are simply not competitive at all, forget them!