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Another Cardinal Turns Church Into Restaurant

Naples Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, 75, transformed the baroque Santi Severino e Sossio church on December 25 in a restaurant.

The Cardinal, wearing a red apron, was personally serving several hundred selected "poor" who participated in the show that was mainly intended for the cameras.

The event, organised together with the leftwing Community of Sant'Egidio, is called “solidarity lunch”.

It has existed for years. Until 2015 it took place in the Palazzo Donnaregina in Naples.

In 2016 Sepe started serving pizzas and pasta in the Santi Severino e Sossio church.


De Profundis
THis was Barbarin in November
This apostate who profaned the House of God was the one behind the farce of the supposed liquefaction of San Genaro's blood.
Sat Jan 12th, 2019

@NovusOrdoWatch In this video (at 4:05) the chef cook say with pride :"its' the first time in the world, a church, a CONSECRATED church, is transformed in 24h into a restaurant.."
Pray for this parish, if this continues, it will most certainly close....
GJA Taylor
What another humble "prelate" arranging the cameras in to film him giving food to the "selected" poor of Naples. He must be a very good friend of Pope Francis who is very adept at using cameras, how humble indeed.
Is it a little confusion that allows God's house to be desecrated like this when the Card has a very spacious palace in which he could arrange cameras to show him feeding the poor in … More
Jesus specifically condemns those Pharisees and hypocrites who make a public show of generosity. He has got his reward for being a good Bergoglian and his punishment (for sacrilege and likely heresy) will be later, unless he repents. It is sad that in places with the finest churches, there is both a liturgical void and politically intended nonsense like this. Pray for the conversion of this … More
Who in the world has approved and appointed him to many, many positions of power and authority in the Church? Has Cardinal Sepe come to this state of unbelief overnight - not likely.

Okay... maybe once in a while a prelate who does not demonstrate strong faith will have been elevated. Accidents happen. But we are learning over and over and over (ad nauseum) that prelates of questionable faith … More