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Vicar General, “I Would Have Suspended A Priest Acting Like Pope Francis”

An unnamed vicar general has commented on Pope Francis’ marriage on an airplane,

“If he were a priest in my diocese I would ensure he was suspended, and at his age retired from a public liturgical or pastoral function.”

Talking to Father Ray Blake (January 19), the vicar general said that he expects that Francis will find followers, priests or deacons, who will marry couples who turn up at their front door, without paperwork, such as proof of freedom to marry, or even of baptism, and without much, if any preparation.

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The pope knows all of this yet he doesn't care. That's how tyrants behave.
Iam with you Vicar General .There is a lot of popemania going on
Jim Dorchak
Well then Step up to the Plate! Suspend the Pope!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why not? Go for it............
Whatever this man is doing, he is certainly not upholding the Sacred Deposit of Faith
Sit him down in front of a full Tribunal, publicise it, so no errors occur, (lies, distortions etc...) and get him to swear publicly, his permanent fidelity to the Sacred Magestrium as laid down year by year since the time of the Apostles. That is what any TRUE Pope would have done. Borgia took such an oath and … More
De Profundis
Where was the marriage preparation requested in Amoris Laetitia?
It's worse. It#s a deception (it was preplanned but made to look spontaneous)
It's a trivialisation of marriage.