Liturgical Music Is a Double-Edged Sword - by Maestro Aurelio Porfiri

Music is essential for the liturgy and must therefore be treated with particular attention. Ancient civilisations, especially the Greeks, understood the power of music, and modern neuroscience confir…
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Aderito, do you have evidence that early Christians played cithara (early form guitare?) during Liturgy? Cause I have plenty of evidence proving that traditional ecclesiastical music is non-instrumental, i.e. vocal.
The early christians didn,t have organs or pianos .they did have and played Citars and Tamborins , I have sung in a sacred music quire with the whole orchestra , i know what it is and how it feels ,but a simple accustic guitar , if its played ,with sentiment and reverence , when you dont have an organ can be right too
Modern neuroscience? Keep yer microscopes off of The Music, please.