Despotism: Francis‘ Former Auxiliary Bishop "Forbids" Kneeling Communion on the Tongue

Bishop Raúl Martín of Santa Rosa, Argentina, tries to force the parish Nuestra Señora de la Medalla Milagrosa not to receive Communion on the tongue while kneeling.

In this parish the [sacrilegious] Communion on the hand was never introduced. published a video of Martín speaking to the parish on August 5. Like a Tsar, Martín used a legalistic approach insisting on his episcopal "authority" that can decree liturgical "norms" which then must be "obeyed".

Showing no pastoral sensibility, Martín brutally refused to give Communion to teenagers who were kneeling in front of him.
He is a former Bergoglio auxiliary bishop in Buenos Aires whom Francis appointed Santa Rosa bishop in September 2013.


truth is here in Argentina oficial Church doesnt have any priest who practice the Motu Propio of BenedictXVI and NO traditional mass is allowed in the WHOLE COUNTRY only Fsspx chapels do it...20 years of Bergoglio as head of the church we are in ruins like the abuses in USA