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Bishop Believes that Validly Elected Cardinals Should Hold a New Conclave

Monsignor Rene Gracida, 94, the retired bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas, has again expressed his conviction that Francis’ election was invalid.

Talking to (May 6), Gracida said that he encourages “the validly appointed Cardinals” [before the conclave 2013] to elect another pope.

Gracida argues that the conspiracy of the so called St Gallen mafia is violating the provisions of John Paul II and making the election of Jorge Bergoglio invalid.

Gracida believes that some cardinals should silently and discretely move to hold a conclave.


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Right, if there is a pope who says he has retired in prayer and if there is an alleged pope who is essentially heretic, it is right that the advent of this conclave be fulfilled and accelerated so that there is a true guide that confirms in the faith the Catholics whom God has entrusted to the True Catholic Church, otherwise it is obvious that the people of the Catholic faithful will choose the … More
De Profundis
No question that Francis is emboldening (in some cases also enabling) the enemies of the Church, those from without and those from within.
"Water on my mill" - That' a new phrase to me. I love it, @Fischl!
water on my mill. But why silently ? what you hear in the ear, that preach upon the housetops!