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Repeat Offender: Cardinal Celebrates Gay Eucharist

Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols celebrated on January 13 in London a Gay Eucharist organized by the club of homosexuals “LGBT Catholics Westminster”.

Nichols is a repeat offender. Already in May 2015 he presided a Novus Ordo Eucharist for the same group, specifically aimed at homosexuals.

The London Gay Eucharists were initiated in 1999, opposed by Catholics but backed by the anti-Catholic archdiocese.

According to (January 16), Nichols claimed after Mass that LGBT Catholics Westminster are “an important sign of welcome and inclusion" within his archdiocese as an "identifiable community which is at home within the Church.” In reality, LGBT Catholics Westminster promote homosexual fornication which, according to the Bible cries for vengeance to heaven.

Nichols was always known as heterodox prelate. Nevertheless Benedict XVI appointed him to Westminster, knowing that he would eventually become a Cardinal.

Picture: Vincent Nichols, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsAkqrslwkzr
He's unfortunately become such an apostate, that the Holy Ghost is no longer there to rebuke him when he commits foul sins of blasphemy against the faith.
These blind, immoral foolish prelates are under the spiritual control of sorcerers and witches who as prophecised, were released from Hell to remove Faith from the world and to damn souls who knew not the real Christ and submitted to a demon … More
Cardinals that fail to be be a good sheppard and follow the True faith they should remove themselves from their position .Its very sad .God have mercy on their souls
Jim Dorchak
@Fischl is there any doubt where he will be celebrating if he keeps up this unrepentant trend? Nope!
We do not want, as the newspapers say, a Church that will move with the world. We want a Church that will move the world.
Broadway to hell