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Commission On Female Deacons Concluded Its Work

Pope Francis’ commission on female deacons finished its work in June, and Cardinal Ladaria personally handed the final report to Francis.

According to (December 17), the report contains only a few pages and was agreed on unanimously.

The Commission consisted of twelve theologians and started its work in August 2016. It did not have the task to answer the question whether there should be female deacons but to studied “this reality” in the first centuries of the Church.

One anonymous member of the commission told that there are "few historical witnesses and they did not give us the information we would have wished for."

In the first century "female deacons" were [obviously] not ordained ministers but some kind of charity workers.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsGwzpjewvxx mentioned this post in Questionable Vatican Advisor Makes Questionable Claims About "Deaconesses".
Sunamis 46
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Holy Cannoli
Will there ever be female deacons (Deaconettes)? I personally believe it’s gonna happen... soon. There are 1000s of pushy nuns and like minded women who want it and eventually they’re going to get it.

The Orthodox Church has traditionally ordained female deacons. In order to facilitate unity, as JP-II sincerely wanted, both churches will need to adapt 'somewhat' to the … More
Holy Cannoli
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Sunamis 46
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