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Benedict XVI Sees Continuity With Francis, "A Man Of Profound Theological Formation"

The former Benedict XVI has written a letter to Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò concerning a series of 11 books entitled “Theology of Pope Francis”. The letter was presented on March 12, writes

Benedict XVI calls Francis in the letter “a man of profound theological and philosophical formation” criticising the “foolish prejudice" of those who consider Francis as someone "who lacks a particular theological and philosophical formation", while he, Benedict, would have been "solely a theorist of theology with little understanding of the concrete lives of today’s Christians".

According to Benedict XVI there is an “interior continuity between the two pontificates" albeit the "differences in style and temperament”.

Picture: © mazur/ CC BY-NC-SA, #newsAquxdavodl mentioned this post in Vatican Manipulated Photo of Benedict's Letter.
History could view Pope Benedict XVI as it does Neville Chamberlain, who promised a false hope of peace between irreconcilable foes instead of preparing for battle in truth and, rather worse than Neville, in the end proved himself a self-satisfied deserter.
Benedict - I'm not goin' there - XVI
Edward Pentin asked Gänswein for clarification of Benedict XVI's letter to Mons. Viganò and what “inner continuity” means but he has not responded.
Dr Bobus
That the Bergoglio formation was profound does not mean that it was Catholic.
It is just too hard for Em. Pope Benedict to acknowledge that pope Francis is leading the Church into ruins. Because that would mean that he is also responsible - even at the root of everything - becuse of his resignation. That is why (partly) he defends pope Francis 'ad absurdum'. But at a certain moment the facts will be obvious and unmistakable. Hopefully that moment will be soon.
@Jaymez - Excellent description of these repulsive, destruktive frauds.

Saint Pope Pius X, his life is a beautiful, bold statement, of loyalty to Jesus the Christ, our King!
Benedict VI exposes himself for the modernist that he is. He was radical at Vatican II and remains so.
If Luther and Pope Pius X are the same then sure.
Notice that Benedict rejects that idea that he himself is "solely a theorist of theology with little understand of the concrete lives of today's Christians."
If this were true reflection of how he thinks, why would the modernists have hated him so much? ill give him the benefit of the doubt till I hear it from his own mouth.
"You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that--and shudder." James 2:19
Not surprising in the least. Key words..."Internal Continuity".... aka..."We are both flaming modernist heretics at heart with the same goal...Destroy the Church. The only difference is our style. I am a smooth sophisticated liar while Jorge is a boorish bully and thug."