Cardinal Müller Exposes Amazon-Party Ideology

The main problem of the Amazon Instrumentum Laboris (IL) are unclear and overused key terms, Cardinal Gerhard Müller writes in a July 16 statement.

He names slogans like “synodal,” “integral development,” “Samaritan missionary,” “open Church,” “a Church reaching out,” “Church of the Poor,” “Church of the Amazon.”

Müller analyses that the IL replaces the Bible and the Tradition with “self-referential” circling around the latest Francis documents. The Amazon is considered a “particular source of God's Revelation.” Müller calls this a “false teaching.”

The IL immunizes itself by calling objections “doctrinalism,” “dogmatism,” “ritualism,” "clericalism,” “thinking of the pharisees”, and “pride of reason”.

Instead, it proposes “cosmovision,” “theologia indigena”, and an “eco-theology.” Müller calls it “a brainchild of social romantics.”

It turns incarnation into "inculturation," by abusing a quotation, wrongly attributed to Irenaeus of Lyon.

The IL claims that cultural diversity calls for a "more robust" incarnation in order to embrace "different ways of life and cultures.” (IL 113). Müller calls this “completely abstruse."

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsLlodmdoceg
Let Muller replace "Pope".
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"A cosmovision with its myths and the ritual magic of Mother 'Nature,' or its sacrifices to 'gods' and spirits which scare the wits out of us, or lure us on with false promises, cannot be an adequate approach for the coming of the Triune God." and one more user like this. likes this.
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