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Final Synod Document “Already Written”

The bulk of the Youth Synod’s final document is "already written”, Edward Pentin confirmed what has already written.

Pentin criticised on (October 6) a “lack of transparency” at the Synod like “the absence of a mid-term report, and ambiguities over voting procedures at the end of the synod.”

He believes that the Synod will be used as a vehicle for promoting gay ideology into the Church.

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Sunamis 46
It reminds me of the votings everywhere
Someone it reminds him of the votes in the communist countries
Homosexuality, Abortion and Contraception - the three greatest moral evils of our time. And when you add the art of deception...the refusal of this Synod to address these dangers...we have much to fear for our youth. Pius X did rightly dread the onslaught of Modernism.
Already written? Yes down in the pits of Hell......

Guess what, that OLD meanie Church where they used to lock such pervert filth up in the Cells of the Vatican where they were never seen or heard again was not such a bad place after all when all is said and done ..... If THIS annex of the Unholy Diocese of Sodom is the alternative.

The old chastising righteous Church taught no error, and despi… More
warning to all clergy ,We catholics of good will resist any gay idiology
Isn't that surprising. Who would of known, that this whole youth synod what just a charade and the real agenda was just to push satan's agenda.
Again. The rigging of a synod.