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Archbishop Chaput: Nature Will Defeat Ideology

Talking about marriage, sexuality, and homosexuality, Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput expressed his conviction that “sooner or later, nature defeats ideology."

On September 8 he wrote on that "it doesn’t matter how strong or widely shared or persuasive a bad system of ideas might seem to be - it will always lose.”

At the same time he acknowledges the trouble that “foolish and perverse thinking can take a long time to die”. And, “It can ruin countless lives and poison whole societies in the process.”

Chaput affirms that sexual behavior is never purely private but has social consequences, “The dysfunctions in our nation’s current attitudes toward sex thus amount to a kind of mental virus, a flight from reason and common sense.”

Picture: Charles Chaput, ©, CC BY-SA, #newsPplprecuid
"A kind of mental virus" is a very good description!