Cardinal Burke: The Church Is Being Torn Asunder In This Moment

The Church is being torn asunder in this moment by confusion and division, Cardinal Raymond Burke told The Wanderer. He wants to avoid the term "schism" and speaks instead of “apostasy”.
According to Burke since the publication of the controversial Amoris Laetitia, the situation in the Church has worsened. The cardinal says that he meets bishops, priests and lay faithful all over the world who are “practically in desperation” and accused by secular liberals of "going against the Pope”.
Burke, one of the four Dubia-Cardinals, also talks about a “formal correction” of Amoris Laetitia saying that such a correction would simply be stating the answers to the Dubia as they are "clearly taught by the Church” in case Pope Francis is not able to set the answers forth clearly.

Picture: Raymond Burke, © wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsQsijscekak
Lux de Coelo
@alexamarie yes, you are right. We must pray for the Holy Father every day. perhaps he will change
Lux de Coelo
@stanislawp francis is the pope because the church says hes the pope.....
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GJA Taylor
The master of obfuscation ("his Humbleness Francis) is too busy being humble to answer any question on any thing in relation to reality as he is in la la land - full of humble importance.
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How can we as Lay faithful help? I pray for Pope Frances. Is this the Third Secret of Fatima.. Destruction in the church? Jesus promises to save the Church of course. God help us all.! Amen
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Hugh N. Cry
Time to kick posterior and take names.
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