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BREAKING: Vatican Forbids Communion for Protestants in Germany

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has rejected the plan of the German Bishops to allow Protestants to receive Holy Communion, reports (April 18).

The bishops voted in February by a large majority in favour of the sacrilege.

However, seven bishops questioned the decision in the Vatican.

Now the Congregation rejected the German idea with the approval of Pope Francis. The negative decision is already sent to the German bishops.

This is a major blow to Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the president of the Bishops' Conference and member of Pope Francis' council of cardinals.

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Stonka Ziemniaczana
Vatican Forbids Communion for Protestants in Germany but ... it wants to remain "secret".
The most funny manipualtion I have witnessed since couple of months.
La situation évoluant très vite, voir les développements ici : Henry Sire (Dictator Pope) au jour le jour -11-
Bergie the Bad won't even release the letter. Probably he thinks it too soon.
What the Vatican has now decided is very probably just for show - because all Ecumenical Vatican II bishops of the ´World Church´ are pre-engaged and arranged in advance with the Vatican. Suddenly they are afraid to lose their source of money, the State Church tax, if Protestants receive the sacraments for nothing.
That loss would shake their ´World Church´ empire and their power over the people,… More
The Ecumenical Church tax - bishops apparently don´t think first before they speak...! It seems that God leaves them in their errors because they obviously have not accepted the Love of the Truth. ( 2 Thessalonians 2,10-12)
Now they see that they have built on sand and that there is no unity in diversity, and also no unity between State and Church.
This Ecumenical Church is shakable because they … More
Prayhard but part of the money that this "giant German NGO" collects goes to Rome (¿?) because they are in FULL communion with Rome
The German Church is more a giant NGO or corporation (biggest employer in Germany) with nice buildings, plenty treated in its hospital, for example, but fewer and fewer wishing to buy the sacraments they sell with the Church Tax. Hopefully, the Pope has seen they've gone too far, but likelier this is some sort of Marxist tactic.
Sunamis 46
wait and drnk tea or coffee and see what the future is bringing-

They just wait a little bit longer for the change
Wow. Such courage.
caterina: I have the same feeling
Jim Dorchak
I don't buy it!