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Pope Francis Advertises Anselm Grün

On Februar 15, Pope Francis talked to the priests of his diocese in the Roman basilica Saint John in Lateran. He told them to read a book of the ultraliberal German Benedictine Father Anselm Grün. Grün’s writing style is characterized by pronounced sentimentalism and relativism, similar to Francis’ own way of thinking.

Grün is influenced by the psycholgist Carl Gustav Jung and asiatic meditation tecniques. Even Protestant Evangelics accuse him of syncretism and promoting schamanism.

Although still a monk in the German monastery of Münsterschwarzach, Grün has utterly lapsed from the Catholic Faith. He relativizes the importance of Christ’s miracles or death. According to him there is no difference between Holy Mass and a Protestant Last Supper. For him, Our Lady is in no way different from any other Christian. He would like to get rid of the Immaculate Conception. Grün is a strong supporter of Pope Francis.

Picture: Anselm Grün, © Lesekreis, CC BY-SA, #newsMdentfnyjl
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