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John Paul II Always Knelt Before The Monstrance - Despite Health Problems

John Paul II (+2005) always knelt before the Blessed Sacrament “despite being exhausted and without strength”, Cardinal Robert Sarah notices in the preface for the Italian book The Distribution of Communion.

At the end John Paul II was unable to kneel down and stand up alone, “He needed others to bend his knees and to get up.”

This is in sharp contrast to Pope Francis, who kneels only when dealing with Muslim refugees in front of TV cameras, but never bows his knees in front of the monstrance.

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paul grech
In action just as in words Bergoglio refuses to acknowledge and reverence his Lord and Master. Let us pray for his conversion before it is too late for him!
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Ave Crux
His heroism in his final illness - deteriorating/diminishing before the eyes of the whole world - was epic. He didn't run and hide in those last humiliating years of decline. That takes an heroic soul....
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John Paul II was a wonderful Pope! and wonderful example! Now a Saint :) St. John Paul II, pray for us, and the Holy Catholic Church.
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Jim Dorchak
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Uncle Joe
Pope Francis, who kneels only when dealing with Muslim refugees in front of TV cameras

Pope Francis must like dark meat, and beach balls, and playing the fool, and puppets/tango masses, and kissing the hand of and concelebrating mass with a pro-homosexual activist priest etc.

These and other acts of Francis show a disregard for his title as the supreme pontiff / Bishop of Rome, and ex … More
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