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Priest Mentions Protestant Leader in Eucharistic Prayer for the Bishops

The German state television ZDF transmitted on Sunday, November 5, a Mass from the parish Saint Wolfgang in Pfullingen in the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, the former diocese of Cardinal Kasper.

The parish-priest, Dean Hermann Friedl used his homily to propagate Holy Communion for adulterers.

During the Eucharistic prayer Friedl mentioned Pope Francis, the local bishop Gebhard Fürst as well as the local Protestant leader Frank Otfried July who calls himself a territorial bishop.

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Just look at the whole scene - idiotic vestment, girls behind, sterile wall, ambient lights... no (nice) words for this. mentioned this post in Liturgist denies membership of alleged ‘ecumenical Mass’ committee.
Sólo Díos basta
It's more an "ecumenical profanation" or "ecumenical blasphemy".
Lisi Sterndorfer
This is another example of an "ecumenical Mass" already done.